Unvaccinated Blocked from Assisted Euthanasia

Unvaccinated Blocked from Assisted Euthanasia

(FeaturedNews) – Vaccines are allegedly to help people avoid dying, but Germany has made the unusual decision to require people to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to die. Citing claims that protocol surrounding assessing unvaccinated patients could place medical professionals in danger, terminally ill German patients will be required to receive a vaccine that will provide no benefit to themselves in order to fulfill their wishes of deciding when they die.

Assisted Euthanasia in Germany and the United States

Assisted euthanasia was banned in Germany until this policy was determined to be unconstitutional in February 2020, just weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic began to pick up speed around the world. Nine states and the District of Columbia currently have statutes that legalize similar procedures and outline strict guidelines that must be adhered to before a terminally ill patient can be approved for assisted euthanasia, known as Death With Dignity laws.

Ethical Concerns of Assisted Euthanasia

The ethical implications of assisted euthanasia have been a major concern since the process became legal in certain countries, which means that medical professionals must be certain that the option is in a patient’s best interest before agreeing to perform it. In addition to questions surrounding whether a patient should be allowed to choose death on his or her own terms instead of waiting for a more difficult death that is believed to be inevitable, and whether it is right for a medical professional to intentionally kill a patient, many have worried that patients may feel forced to make a decision that does not align with what they actually want.

In an attempt to mitigate these concerns, patients who are considering assisted euthanasia must first complete several physical and mental health exams to confirm that they have very little chance of recovery. Medical professionals want to know they are fully capable of making an informed decision and that patients understand exactly what they are asking for. In a statement that mirrors concerns surrounding other voluntary medical procedures around the world, Germany’s euthanasia association has claimed that these exams and consultations will be unsafe for the medical professionals administering them if the patient is unvaccinated.

Is forcing patients to receive a vaccine they may be morally against, and will provide no benefit to them, in order to choose assisted euthanasia fair? Could there be a middle ground that might better meet the needs of both patients and medical professionals? Reply to

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