US Ambassador to Ukraine Says Embassy Was Evacuated Out of “Caution,” Not Due to Any Real Threat

US Ambassador to Ukraine Says Embassy Was Evacuated Out of

( – During a January 25 interview with ABC News, acting US Ambassador to Ukraine, Kristina Kvien, acknowledged the recent evacuation of diplomats’ families from the region. However, the representative claims US officials withdrew their people out of an abundance of caution and in response to rising concerns about the impending threat of a Russian invasion.

The State Department first issued a warning suggesting that US citizens depart the region on January 26, 2022.

Ukrainian officials dismiss claims of danger and say there is no proof Russia intends to urgently invade the region.

An inside source who spoke to BuzzFeed said President Volodymyr Zelensky felt the departure of US personnel was both needless and disappointing. However, the unnamed individual also added that these people are safer in his country than on US soil.

Zelensky’s attitude isn’t surprising. He continues to work overtime to keep his people calm and reduce concerns about Russia’s future actions. In a national address, Zelensky even told the public this is nothing new and that the risk of a conflict has been present for at least eight years. Focus on the ongoing diplomatic crisis just happens to be on the rise.

However, President Joe Biden’s administration does not agree. That’s what prompted it to tell Americans to leave the country. If an invasion occurs, the US government may not be able to evacuate its citizens quickly. The State Department encourages anyone still present in Ukraine to seek flights out as soon as possible, suggesting that an attack could occur at any moment.

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