US Forest Service’s Error Led to Historically Devastating Wildfire

US Forest Service's Error Led to Historically Devastating Wildfire

Feds IMPLICATED in Historic Fire – New Details Come Out!

( – A report from the US Forest Service shows that New Mexico’s record-setting Hermit’s Peak Fire resulted from the agency’s failures at every level. From planning to implementation to decisions made on the ground, the affair was a virtual carnival of errors. Unfortunately, the multitude of mistakes devastated many in the area.

The fire began as a controlled blaze, something the Forest Service often does to manage the underbrush. The report showed that planners underestimated the area’s dryness at the time and the potential for the blaze to spread. In that sense, the problem began long before the match was lit.

On the ground, personnel failed again to recognize the danger as the fire grew, underestimating its intensity and ability to spread for a second time. Poor planning combined with an inadequate response turned out to be a recipe for disaster. The out-of-control blaze turned out to be the largest in New Mexico’s history.

The effects on the people of New Mexico were devastating. In a statement, Forest Service Chief Randy Moore noted the cost to the locals was enormous. Several hundred homes are gone, and thousands of residents are displaced. Chief Moore expressed sorrow for those affected, noting the 5,000 square mile fire destroyed homes and communities and took two lives. The financial and emotional toll on the people will undoubtedly be felt for years.

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