US Government Targets Americans in Stunning Act

US Government Targets Americans in Stunning Act

( – A February 7 bulletin from the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) focused on domestic terrorism. However, political commentator Kim Iversen says it is nothing less than a threat against free speech.

The DHS bulletin focuses on the spread of “mis- dis- and mal-information” or MDM by “foreign or domestic threat actors.” Iversen says the department is targeting Americans who may post or share information online that the DHS considers damaging to the public’s trust in the government.

The commentator explained since there is no clear definition of MDM, the government essentially gets to arbitrarily choose what it means. She pointed out that government officials called some information about the pandemic false, but as ideas changed, those ideas proved to be true.

This approach opens the door to government censorship of anything people say or share on the internet. Even worse, it enables labeling someone as a domestic terrorist, which could ruin a person’s life.

Iversen noted that the DHS’s message is that MDM leads to violence, so it is never acceptable. She boiled it down to the government using the excuse that something terrible could potentially happen as an excuse to strip Americans of their First Amendment rights.

She called the bulletin an alarming attempt at keeping people from saying anything negative against the US government. This message is one that people might expect from North Korea or China, but not from the country known to be the leader of the free world.

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