US Institutions Reportedly Infiltrated by Chinese Operatives

US Institutions Reportedly Infiltrated by Chinese Operatives

US Universities INFILTRATED – Chinese Operatives Reported

( – The Chinese government reportedly has enormous influence over educational programs in the United States. In August 2020, former President Donald Trump’s administration took a hard-line stance against “Confucius Institutes,” Chinese government-sponsored learning centers operating on campuses across the country. Critics of the program claim the program promotes pro-Chinese Communist Party propaganda in American schools.

What is a Confucius Institute?

A Confucius Institute (CI) is an organization that teaches Mandarin and Chinese culture and language to American students. The school has a joint venture with a learning center in China and the Chinese government, which funds the program.

CIs flew under the radar for years before coming under scrutiny for some of their teachings — or lack thereof. Specifically, the centers avoid discussing hot political topics such as Taiwan, Tibet, Hong Kong, and democracy. CI Chief Executive Madam Xu Lin told the BBC in 2015 that Taiwan belongs to China.

The Trump administration’s first action against the programs came as a redirection of a statute largely ignored until then. Under Section 117 of the Higher Education Act, schools must disclose foreign donations over $250,000. At the same time, language in the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) removed funding from schools partnering with CIs unless certain conditions were met, establishing a disconnect from the Chinese government.

CIs Still a Threat

The controversy surrounding CIs caused many colleges to discontinue the partnerships altogether, but not all. A NAS report about the future of schools and CIs shows that while many schools have abandoned the programs, some just shifted gears.

Western Kentucky University, for example, shifted its program to Simpson County Public Schools. The University of Washington moved its CI to Pacific Lutheran University. While claiming to close its CI, Boston University expressed a desire to continue collaborating with the Chinese government. Two University of Texas campuses, San Antonio and Dallas, also contacted the Chinese for ongoing partnerships.

Republicans Want to Know Why

It seems that President Joe Biden’s administration isn’t interested in enforcing the same rules the Trump administration put in place, allowing the programs to flourish in plain sight. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) told the Washington Examiner that China’s presence in America’s classrooms is more than troubling. He cited Biden’s willingness to turn away from communist propaganda while at the same time promoting a “woke” agenda. He also accused Biden of advocating for progressive race theories and gender identity discussions in public schools.

Rubio addressed the issue directly by contacting as many as 22 schools and asking them to cut ties with the Chinese propaganda offered by CIs.

Do you think American schools should continue supporting these propaganda centers? How do you think they will affect the US?

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