US Military Is Working on a Real-Life Iron Man Suit, Insider Tells Joe Rogan

US Military Is Working on a Real-Life Iron Man Suit, Insider Tells Joe Rogan

Military Insider Reveals SECRET Project To Joe Rogan

( – A US Special Forces soldier told Joe Rogan on his podcast that the United States military is currently working on a real-life Iron Man suit. Navy SEAL Kristin Beck said she’s been working with the government on the project since 2013 in an interview recently aired on an episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience.” According to Beck, the project, which was originally named “Carnivore,” is still ongoing.

Rogan’s curiosity, a seemingly predictable response to the story, brought some of the details of the project to light — as well as some of the challenges. The suits, constructed of “all the top stuff,” including titanium and carbon fiber, may be the wave of the future, however, they’re also a bit of a logistical nightmare.

Beck said the impressive design can “carry a thousand pounds,” which while great on the surface, also presents issues in transporting the machines, as well as the people responsible for operating them. Unlike Iron Man from the movies, these suits would need to be moved from place to place by conventional means, which is not a simple task.

Despite the logistics conflict, Beck seemingly believes that these suits of armor could be well worth the investment, stating that it would be difficult even for vehicles to take out 12 men wearing the armor. Rogan then assured her that his show would edit out anything she that may be classified by the military, but she assured him that there is nothing to hide about the declassified exoskeleton propulsion suit any longer.

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