US Military To Use Underwater Drones in Move Against China

US Military To Use Waterborne Drones in Move Against China

US Military APPROVES Drones – China on Red Alert!

( – The US Navy is working on new technology to combat the threat of Chinese forces as the communist country is becoming increasingly aggressive in its attempts to gain world power. The development and implementation of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) may be the answer to keeping the communist regime at bay.

Moving Ahead With Development

The US Navy is fast-forwarding plans on getting UUVs ready to launch. The move will help to keep pace with China’s military. American naval troops are currently using four of their largest drones in exercises in the Pacific Ocean. The 5th Fleet is launching smaller ones in the Middle East.

The branch is learning how to combine the technology with artificial intelligence to increase usability and function. Additionally, officials want to use the machines to help improve security and make it more challenging for adversaries to destroy US ships.

Intended Goals

The drive to bring these devices into operation is due to their many perceived benefits, including lower costs. The drones are highly valuable in surveillance, clearing mines, and creating maps. They also have the capabilities for making deliveries and even launching torpedoes. The most promising option is their potential in high-risk missions. Leaders would not have to send out personnel, so fewer sailors would die on these challenging projects. UUVs are ideal for routine tasks that don’t require a human touch, freeing humans to handle more pressing duties.

Potential Obstacles

Still, Naval leaders must prove that drones can handle the projected jobs and last long-term in saltwater conditions. Furthermore, officials have to get funding, which requires convincing Congress to get on board.

The Navy has already requested $549.3 million in the fiscal year 2023 for the research and development of three drones, the Large Unmanned Surface Vehicles, Medium Unmanned Surface Vehicles, and Extra-Large Unmanned Undersea Vehicles. The branch also asked for $60.7 million to fund technology for the UUVs.

Concerns Over China

The Navy is steadfast that it needs these high-tech advancements in its tool kit to ensure China doesn’t gain an edge. In 2020, the Asian nation deployed 12 underwater drones in the Indian Ocean that they said were for gathering data, and Indonesia captured three of their devices near Selayar Island. The hostile country also uses the HSU-001 drone, which has capabilities comparable to the American UUVs.

The FBI notes the Chinese Communist Party, which runs the country, is becoming increasingly aggressive in its moves toward Taiwan and making the South China Sea a more volatile area. The US Navy could implement UUVs to assist with managing these concerns.

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