US Pentagon Preparing to Axe 750 Names With Confederate Ties

US Pentagon Preparing to Axe 750 Names With Confederate Ties

( – A new update from The Pentagon’s Special Naming Commission draws attention to the government’s ongoing mission to identify and change location and building names that glorify the Confederacy. The 750-strong list contains many local and global examples, including military installations, buildings, streets, and more.

Congress first passed a bipartisan bill (H.R.6395) that established the Naming Commission in 2021. It allegedly hoped to address the legacy of racism hanging over the US military while also supporting growing diversity in the force. Lloyd Austin, the first black man to serve as Defense Secretary, will announce the new names sometime in 2023.

Listed examples include several Army ships named after historic Civil War battles, such as the USS Harpers Ferry, The USS Mechanicsville, and The USS Malvern Hill. The Union won the two latter conflicts, making their inclusion seem a little bit confusing.

Two decommissioned Navy ships also made the list: the USS Stonewall Jackson and the USS Hunley. Exactly why the group chose to include them remains unclear; those ships now serve as little more than museums and monuments to the past. Is renaming them that critical?

As with the removal of statues depicting Confederate leaders, some Americans consider these renamings offensive. They call it the erasure of American history.

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