US Targeted by Iran’s Drone Army

(FeaturedNews) – Iran’s latest concerning move in the midst of its nuclear talks with Joe Biden involves multiple drone strikes against the United States and Iraq.

Iranian Drone Armies Target United States

Iranian drones, many originating from the capital city of Tehran, have been responsible for several recent attacks on the United States and its allies. Although these strikes are nothing new, previous presidents have been much quicker about issuing sanctions in an attempt to avoid continuing threats. Biden, so far, has done nothing beyond recent nuclear talks with Iran. Even worse, he has offered to repeal what is left of Donald Trump’s sanctions if Iran agrees to a nuclear accord, which has the potential to open the door to increased threats as the deadline nears and the success of these talks appears to be becoming less and less likely.

Republican Lawmakers Believe Biden Is Too Soft on Iran

Concerns of “American passivity and indifference” are common among Republican lawmakers, who have expressed fears that Biden is doing too little to control Iranian threats. According to a letter several Republican representatives wrote to the State Department earlier this week, Biden’s consistent lack of response to aggression from Iran may be telling the country that it can continue to increase potential terrorist actions without the threat of retaliation. The group believes that Biden should be doing more in response to drone attacks, Iran’s November assassination attempt of the prime minister of Iraq, and similar threats, and that waiting until a more extreme attack occurs to confront Iran may be too little too late.

Given that the United States is already making contingency plans should nuclear talks with Iran fail, Biden’s decision not to do everything possible to avoid failure is concerning to many. How is attempting to avoid conflict now going to help the United States if Iran gains confidence and steps up the severity of its attacks later?

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