US Threatens Sanctions as Ukranian Invasion Becomes More Likely

( – Talks between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin regarding Russia’s potential invasion of Ukraine have had few positive results. The United States has now resorted to threatening “unprecedented sanctions” against Russia in an attempt to prevent an invasion.

Potential Threat from Russia Continues to Increase

Despite past talks with Russian president Vladimir Putin surrounding threats Russia has made against the Ukraine, Putin has continued to increase troops near the Ukrainian border. Conflicts between the two nations have been intensifying since Russia annexed the Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula in 2014 as fears of Russia taking over more of the country have increased, and these tensions may be nearing their breaking point. With approximately 100,000 Russian troops currently stationed along the border, U.S. House intelligence committee member Adam Schiff has little hope left that the situation will deescalate without drastic measures.

Adam Schiff Believes “Unprecedented Sanctions” are Needed

Schiff explained to “Face the Nation” on Sunday that Putin has likely passed the point where an invasion of Ukraine can reasonably be prevented without firm sanctions from the United States and other countries. He elaborated that “a level of sanctions that Russia has never seen” may be the only option for mitigating the potential threat.

Joe Biden has warned Putin that an invasion will result significant sanctions against Moscow, and Schiff noted that “bring[ing] NATO closer to Russia” is likely on the table if Russia invades the Ukraine. Biden has indicated that the United States will provide military assistance to the Ukraine in the event of an attack, and he has asked that other countries also consider imposing similar sanctions.

Putin’s Response to Potential Sanctions

Putin does not appear to be taking such warnings seriously. Rather than demonstrating willingness to work with Biden and other world leaders to find a better solution, he has taken such measures as a threat to Russian national security and indicated that he will sever ties with the United States if sanctions are imposed.

However, Biden and Putin may meet on Thursday for a late attempt to deescalate the situation. Further negotiations will be held in Geneva next week.

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