Veterans Crushed by the Department of Veteran Affairs

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( – U.S. Air Force Veteran Michael Cohen, 54, who is a former law enforcement specialist said during a Fox News Digital interview that his career in the Air Forc, which had spanned 22 years, had left him with “horrendous memories.” He stated he believes that he had been deployed to around 85 countries, and that often he was deployed in areas where he could not even wear his uniform because of the high threat of terrorism. 

In the interview, he revealed that during his deployment there had been several traumatic things that had occurred, and even stated that he had symptoms that had caused damage to his personal relationships, including withdrawal and nightmares. He added that his wife was very worried as there was clearly something going on which was visible as he was getting older. He then pointed out that he cannot repress the memories and he is suffering from intense triggers. 

Several years earlier, his wife had begged him to reach out to the West Palm Beach, Florida’s local Veteran Affairs medical facility where he could receive some help. However, as he revealed, he had tried for many years to meet with VA therapists, but they were unavailable to see him regularly. This caused him to look for a private case that he would pay out-of-pocket. He has now been pushing for the VA community care program to cover his therapy, as the program is specifically designed so that eligible veterans can receive the necessary care in cases where the VA is not in a position to provide them with it.

Cohen is not the only veteran to feel the “betrayal” by the Department of Veteran Affairs. Jessica Carillo, an ex-Air Force official, reported being left “in limbo” by the VA as well. After getting laid off, Carillo was not able to pay for her therapy and even had to turn to her community in order to cover the costs, instead of the VA being there to help veterans in need.

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