VIDEO: 10-Year-Old Drills Politician, Impresses MLB

Photo by Jose Morales on Unsplash

( – Alexa Cardona, 10, recently went viral after she hit a local New York politician with a water balloon in the head during a Fourth of July parade. The incident led to her being invited to Tuesday’s Yankees game as the players were impressed by her throwing hand.

Cardona is going to be joining the Yankees for batting practice, an arrangement that was partly made because of Bruce Blakeman, a Nassau County Executive who found humor in the situation after the little girl threw a water balloon towards him from 100 feet away. The moment was captured on video and shared across social media amassing over 40 million views.

Yankees center fielder Harrison Bader, who had seen the clip, asked Blakeman whether he was the one in the video, as many of those who have seen the video have mistakenly believed that the politician who was hit by the water balloon was former Vice President Mike Pence.

Bader, who had laughed at the video, also agreed with Blakeman that he had indeed taken the balloon as “a man.”

On Tuesday, during Cardona’s visit to the field, Bader told her that her throw was good. He then asked where she had learned to throw and if she played softball.

Sean Casey, who is the Yankees hitting coach, even joked that Cardona should be recruited to the team. Casey also said that the throw was very good and proceeded to autograph baseballs for the little girl and her sister.

According to officials, it is a tradition for water balloons to be thrown at the Stewart Manor parade, which is what ultimately caused Blakeman to be hit.


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