VIDEO: 17-Year-Old Springs Into Action, Saves Elderly Man

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

( – A 17-year-old teen athlete jumped into an icy lake to rescue an 83-year-old man and his dog who had been trapped within the man’s Jeep. Joe Salmon, a wrestler, football player, and track athlete, jumped into the freezing cold water in Iowa’s East Okoboji Lake in order to save Thomas Lee and his dog Cooper on Feb. 4. The incident was also caught on camera.

Four other men, Corey McConnell, Kody Harrelson, Cody Chester, and Chris Parks, were also part of the efforts to bring Lee and his dog back to safety according to a Facebook post by the Dickinson County Sheriff’s office.

Photographer Tom Gustafson was the one to capture the rescue with his drone. The clip of the rescue was then shared on Facebook. In it, Salmon can be seen leaning through the back window in order to reach and bring the dog out. He managed to rescue the dog which had briefly gotten in the water.

From there Salmon climbs further into the vehicle and helps Lee climb out through the back window, which he had broken in order to rescue the man and his dog.

The Okoboji High School student was ice fishing while watching a nearby snowmobile race on the lake when he saw the Jeep enter the ice at around 3 p.m. Lee was trying to reach his son-in-law’s fishing shack but the Jeep broke the lake on the ice under the Highway 71 bridge in Dickinson County.


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