VIDEO: 8-Year-Old Steals the Show at Competition

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( – Peyton Thorsby, 8, arrived for her team’s 6 a.m. call time at the Showcase of Champions Cheerleading Competition in Tampa, Fla. on Dec. 4 full of excitement. However, the situation was about to drastically change as no other member of her team managed to make it.

Her mom Nichole Thorsby told Yahoo Life how her daughter’s five-member team had been unable to make it for a variety of reasons. This included one of them being sick, and another arriving too late and not being able to sign in. There were other members of the team that belonged to different squad levels who were able to make it, but because of their different levels, they were not able to join Peyton and compete alongside her.

Peyton is a first-year cheerleader for the Pasco County youth cheer and football program called K-Tech Krakens. Nichole recalled how she had tried to reach out to the other parents but people were not replying. This meant that the team’s coaches, Coach Leah and Coach Nikki had to come up with a new plan for the competition.

The coaches turned to the little girl and asked her what she would like to do. At first, Peyton had said that she was not going to be able to do it. This meant that the team would need to forfeit the competition. However, Peyton was not about to let that happen which is why she swiftly changed her mind and decided that she would compete for her team.

The solo performance ended up being a crowd favorite, and it included a “totally winged” section. Ultimately, Peyton managed to win the 1st place trophy for her routine and she beat out two other teams.


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