VIDEO: Airline Passengers Terrified After Plane Takes Off

Photo by Arkin Si on Unsplash

VIDEO: Airline Passengers Terrified After Plane Takes Off

A new video has emerged from a United Airlines flight that has been going viral online. On a flight taking off from Newark, New Jersey, Murtalla Mbacke filmed a video of the flight. The video was also posted by an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer on Instagram.

The video shows sparks shooting from the plane only minutes before taking off. Many have assumed that the sparks were simply some type of “mechanical issue.” Since its posting, the video has amassed close to 130,000 views.

In a statement issued by United Airlines, the incident is addressed as they confirm that the plane had experienced some mechanical issues before taking off. They also said that the “initial maintenance inspection” showed a “hydraulic pump issue.”

The aircraft performed an emergency landing shortly after burning fuel.

Retired U.S. Airways pilot John Cox had said in a statement in 2020 that planes often took off with a weight that is heavier than the maximum landing weight allowed. This is why often in cases of emergency landing some of the fuel will need to be burned off for the aircraft to reach the threshold of the weight they can safely perform and sustain a hard landing.

In normal flights, the fuel would be burned throughout the duration of the flight, thus by the time it needed to land the weight threshold would be reached. However, in cases of emergency landings that threshold might not have been reached, so the flight has to burn enough fuel to be able to safely perform the landing.

Mbacke, the gate agent who shot the video said that he was shocked by the entire incident.


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