VIDEO: Airlines Pilot Erupts on His Passengers

Photo by Dragoș Grigore on Unsplash

( – An American Airlines pilot has gained a lot of support online after his pre-flight speech went viral.

The speech was captured and posted on social media by Anna Leah Maltezos, a NYC-based director, comedian, and writer who had heard it while taking a flight recently. As she explained, the flight that she was departing from New York City had been an early morning flight that had been slightly delayed.

This is why she assumes the pilot might have been trying to “lighten the mood” with their sassy speech about the importance of acting properly and respectfully during the flight, instead of acting like a jerk.

Since its posting, the video has gathered over five million views on Instagram. It starts from around the middle point of the captain’s speech, in which the pilot is telling passengers that they need to follow the instructions given by flight attendants.

As he said, the flight attendants were representatives of his will in the cabin, and his “will is what matters.” He then details the type of behavior he expects from passengers who should be respectful to one another. He added that this is something he constantly has to say in every single flight because people end up being rude and selfish. He then pointed out that people should keep their stuff in the appropriate areas for their seats and should avoid leaning or falling asleep on other passengers. He also noted that people should not be using their cell phones without a headset as nobody else wanted to hear their videos.


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