VIDEO: Amazon Driver Makes Daring Rescue

Photo by Andrew Stickelman on Unsplash

VIDEO: Amazon Driver Makes Daring Rescue

An Amazon driver responded swiftly upon seeing a car upside-down in a canal. Dan Whittington, a deputy with the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office on Florida’s east coast, passed by the delivery driver who stood next to the car in shock as he was on his way to a different emergency call.

He noted that the driver appeared to be in shock, so the crash may have just happened. All the driver said was that he saw a car go into the ditch.

According to the reports, the vehicle had collided with another vehicle. This led to it tumbling and falling into the canal. Within the car were an elderly couple and their caretaker. As Whittington recalled, with the help of the driver they went through the mud, helping each other make their way to the car.

A little while later Deputy Patrick Newman also arrived on the scene. His body camera captured the moment when the delivery driver pulled the caretaker out of the car. In the video, she is gasping and thanking the driver for helping her get out. Whittington then opened the front door and started working to get the couple out of the car as well.

As he recalled, everyone was shaken up by the incident. All three of them were taken to the local hospital after they were rescued.

Whittington added that they were there at the perfect time to manage to save those people and if they hadn’t been, then the incident might have been a lot more tragic.


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