VIDEO: Artist Leaves Viewers Stunned With Incredible Talent

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( – Two friends have found a new way of displaying their work online, and their videos quickly went viral with their TikTok account, Dice Ideas, managing to receive more than 1.8 million followers and 1.4 billion searches.

Ben Hoblyn, one of the two minds behind Dice Ideas, who lives in Derby, England, shared that originally this was all created as a fun project that they could focus on during the 2020 lockdown. He added that it was all meant to be for themselves at first, so they started thinking of the concept and the materials they would need to create these larger pieces.

Hoblyn, 32 along with his friend Ross Montgomery, 32, stated that their original inspiration came from mosaic artists who would create art using offbeat mediums, including pennies, Rubik’s cubes, and even dice. As Hoblyn noted, as soon as they started sharing their creations online, they started receiving millions of views, and the people in the comments helped inspire them to continue creating.

The duo’s subjects range from athletes to celebrities and Hollywood stars. In order to create every single one of their designs, they require several weeks as their projects often take more than 50 hours to complete. In order to accurately shade the pieces, they use numbers, with the side that reads “six” being the lightest, while the “one” is reserved for the darkest areas.

In the years that they have been doing this, Dice Ideas has managed to amass over 45.5 million views on TikTok.



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