VIDEO: Baby Hears Fathers Voice for the First Time

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( – Nellie Rosales, an eleven-month-old baby had an unexpected reaction upon hearing her father’s voice for the first time with the use of a hearing device. As the North Carolina family revealed the hearing aid has been life-changing for their daughter, despite her interesting reaction at first.

Rosales who has an ear deformity, called atresia which means that her middle ear structures and ear canal are either absent or underdeveloped, which has caused her to be deaf in one ear.

Apart from atresia she also has microtia which means that her ear deformity has made her ears have a different appearance ever since her birth. However, recently Rosales was able to be fitted for a hearing device which allowed her to hear her father, Jacob Rosales voice for the first time. However, upon hearing him she started crying immediately.

Jacob Rosales has said that following his daughter’s birth he felt that she had brought sunshine to his heart. He added that she had most likely been overwhelmed after hearing his voice, as the device that bypasses the ear canal is able to transmit the sound through the use of vibrations.

Jacob Rosales has revealed that now his daughter loved the device and that there was a clear difference in her listening abilities as she is able to understand everything they are saying and can even hear things that are in different rooms.

Jacob Rosales and his wife Sharon Hernandez both serve in the military which has provided them with the health insurance coverage necessary to acquire the hearing device for their daughter.


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