VIDEO: Bear Robs Unsuspecting Family

Gregory "Slobirdr" Smith, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – In a rather unusual turn of events in Florida, a family’s anticipation for a delicious meal was dashed when a bold black bear decided to help itself to their takeout. The incident, which unfolded right on their doorstep, was recorded and the footage has since made waves online.

As captured by their home security system this past Friday, and shared with FOX 35 Orlando, moments after an Uber Eats delivery driver placed their food order on the porch, the unexpected happened. A black bear casually made its way to their home’s entrance, seized the bag containing $45 worth of Taco Bell, and nonchalantly sauntered off with the dinner intended for Laidy Gutierrez and Daniel Bula.

Their niece, Nicole Castro, expressed her disbelief upon seeing the footage. She humorously recounted that not only did the bear take the food, but it also returned to swipe the soda. The family, already accustomed to the presence of bears in their Longwood neighborhood, typically checks their security cameras before stepping outside. Thus, they weren’t entirely taken aback by the bear’s audacious act, realized a mere ten minutes after the event.

The footage of this bear’s food heist has since captured the attention of social media users, garnering hundreds of thousands of views and causing quite a stir. Gutierrez quipped about the video’s popularity and has since resolved to forego front porch delivery for their fast food.

Following the incident, Uber Eats has refunded the cost of the commandeered meal. Attempts to contact the company for comments on their policies regarding driver safety from wildlife have been made, but as of now, there has been no response.


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