VIDEO: Biden’s Blatant Lie to Puerto Ricans

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VIDEO: Biden’s Blatant Lie to Puerto Ricans

President Biden visited Puerto Rico on Monday as he is looking for ways to support the island after it was hit by Hurricane Fiona. During his time there, Biden mentioned that he had grown up in a Puerto Rican community in the U.S., which does not seem all that likely, according to the 1970 US Census, as well as his lack of evidence. It seemed more like a desperate attempt to connect with minorities than anything else.

Biden, during his visit, also looked at the damage caused by the Hurricane, had meetings with government officials, and held a speech in Ponce during which he said that the U.S would support the island.

During the speech, Biden noted that Delaware has a strong and large Puerto Rican community that he had grown around. He also added that he is committed to the island. He also discussed how the government had previously failed to support the island as needed after natural disasters.

This was about 2017’s Hurricane Maria, however, he said that this time “All of America is with you.”

The Trump administration had been criticized for its response to Hurricane Maria and the slow response in getting aid on the island. Puerto Rico has not yet fully recovered from the damages caused by Maria, and now Fiona also struck. This has caused both infrastructure damage and electrical power outages throughout the island.

Many in Puerto Rico are now asking for the island to be exempt from the law, referred to as the Jones Act, which wants all goods to be transported to Puerto Rico on U.S. ships. This law drives up the prices as the island needs to import around 85% of its food.

Puerto Rican Gov. Pedro Pierluisi asked that Biden extend the disaster declaration in Puerto Rico and asked that federal assistance be provided to clear up the debris and for other purposes.


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