Bikers Attack Mother on the Road

Photo by Rafael Lopes de Lima on Unsplash

( – A video of an armed biker attacking a mom’s car in Philadelphia has gone viral. In the video, the biker is seen smashing the rear window which was located where the woman’s children were seated. Since the posting of the video, the police have launched a manhunt for the suspect.

A tourist on a top deck Philadelphia sightseeing bus captured the incident on his camera. In the 38-second clip the mother, Nikki Bullock, is seen getting out of the car and attempting to stop the attacker who used his helmet to headbutt her and push her aside. As the woman fought back, she managed to get him off of his bike. This resulted in a group of motorcyclists surrounding her and forcing her to back up to the side of her car.

The Sunday evening incident is only the most recent case of the roads being taken over by quad riders and motorbikes who have taken over the streets. As part of these takeovers, car drivers and bikers block certain roads in order to perform stunts. This trend has become popular across the country, and in Los Angeles, there have been a number of violent crimes and deaths that are connected to this practice.

Florida Senator Jason Pizzo has launched a campaign trying to make the practice of street takeovers. His campaign was launched after a woman was decapitated as a result of a dangerous car stunt that had gone the wrong way.

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has also been pushing to put an end to street violence and racing in Austin.

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