VIDEO: Blue State Store Gets Robbed How Many Times Per Day?

Photo by Stephanie Rhee on Unsplash

( – A video from a San Francisco Walgreens shows the frozen food sections’ glass doors being chained after workers complained that there were over 20 incidents of the store getting robbed each day.

The video was shared online by Richie Greenberg, a political commentator, and shows that the doors to all the frozen microwavable meals were being kept shut using metal locks and chains. In a different clip whole aisles are seen being kept behind plexiglass fixtures that run from the floor all the way to the ceiling.

Customers who want to shop at the store are required to get the assistance of an employee who is able to unlock the items that are being locked away. This includes shaving cream, hair dye, over-the-counter medication, and makeup products. Workers revealed to local media that shoplifters had regularly been taking all the ice cream and pizza from their inventory. They also noted that oftentimes thieves would come into the store and steal goods as many as 20 times per day.

Greenberg noted that he only lives a few blocks away from that particular Walgreens and that he had been disgusted to see the area completely degrade and become homeless, filled with graffiti and a “drug-addict frenzy.” As he pointed out, this is very inconvenient to shoppers who are trying to buy the items they need but are frequently required to call employees to open certain product cases.

He added that in the past while standing in line for pharmacy pick up he has seen first-hand thieves exit the store carrying things out.


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