VIDEO: Bride Makes Shocking Discovery About Mother-In-Law

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( – While perusing his future wife’s childhood album, 23-year-old Tyler West stumbled upon a photo that took him by surprise. It was a picture of his mother, a professional nurse, who, it seemed, had assisted in the birth of the woman he would one day marry.

His spouse, Kelsey West, commented to PEOPLE that their union was “destiny.” She recounted how both had been taken aback and felt blessed that both of her mothers had been present at her birth.

The couple’s first encounter took place in a grocery store bank branch in August 2021, where Kelsey, then Poll, was employed as a teller. They were both Weber State University students at the time, and Tyler had stopped by to cash a check. After a brief conversation and shopping, he returned to request her phone number.

Kelsey reminisced about Tyler being the “kindest man ever,” and the couple got engaged this year on Super Bowl Sunday amidst their friends during a beachside sunset proposal. During their engagement dinner, Tyler’s mother, Mary Ann West, remarked on how she thought she recognized Stacy Poll, Kelsey’s mother, from somewhere, but neither could identify why the other seemed familiar.

On March 16, as the couple was sorting through photos for their wedding, Kelsey began looking through her baby album. Not long after, Tyler spotted a photo of a nurse and exclaimed, “That’s my mother!” Interestingly, Kelsey was the only one of five siblings to have a picture of their delivering nurse in the album, who turned out to be none other than Tyler’s mother.


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