VIDEO: Camera Shy Dog Doesn’t Want To Be Recorded

Photo by Marliese Streefland on Unsplash

VIDEO: Camera Shy Dog Doesn’t Want To Be Recorded

TikTok users have been falling in love with an adorable little puppy that has the most hilarious expression upon realizing it is being recorded. The video posted by user @beccyehahn now has 1.9 million views. It shows her little Vizsla puppy, Archie, suddenly becoming outraged after realizing that it is being filmed.

Vizsla is a breed of red-coated gundog-built dogs. They tend to be lean and are great sportsmen. They also tend to grow a really deep bond with their owner and dislike being left alone. Now, when it comes to the camera, while some dogs seem to either love it or not care, little Archie was not a big fan of it.

If you want to help your pet grow more accustomed and familiar with the camera, then Wag Walking, the famous pet advice website, recommends that you begin by letting your dog snoop around and investigate your camera. You should also reward your dog for approaching your camera. Always avoid using flash and loud noises as these can be distracting and annoying for a dog.

If your dog is like little Archie and appears to not be a fan of recording, then you can simply take their lead and be more careful when recording or posting their hilarious reaction to the camera online.



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