VIDEO: Customers Happy After Being Caught in a “Drive-By”

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( – A Texas and California-based coffee chain is putting “kindness” into its “drive-by.” The chain is making a positive impact by giving the customers going through their “drive-by” compliments. Videos from the encounters have quickly gone viral on TikTok.

The way it works is simple. They just tell random strangers a random compliment. La La Land Kind Cafe, a kindness-focused organic cafe chain that originally started in 2019 in Texas, started sharing on TikTok their “drive-by” videos in November 2020. The compliments were meant to help spread positivity to those who still visited cafes during the pandemic according to founder Francois Reihani.

During an interview with USA TODAY, Reihani said that his goal with the compliments was to bring more positivity to their community and stores.

As a brand, La La Land is focused on providing kindness to strangers. In fact, the café has a policy of telling customers they love them when they exit their shop. Reihani pointed out that these words are usually only used by close loved ones, but the world needs to have love between random human beings. He added that all people are going through similar things after all.

While La La Land is still a brick-and-mortar café, its content creation team will occasionally take on the task of hitting the streets and providing compliments to those in their community. They have also added that most of the recipients have similar reactions of appreciation and huge grins. They add that many people are also shocked to hear something kind from a complete stranger.



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