VIDEO: Daughter Denied Lunch Over What?

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VIDEO: Daughter Denied Lunch Over What?

In a viral series of videos posted on TikTok on November 8th, a Tennessee mom speaks out against her daughter’s school which refused to give her lunch because her clothing violated the dress code.

In the video series, she noted that her first grader was denied food by the school because of her clothing. The mother, Harlie noted that after speaking with the school’s administration about the incident she was disappointed in the way the administration responded which led to her pulling her daughter from the school.

According to Education Week, around 93 percent of school districts currently have dress codes. However, there are certain schools whose policies are either “sexist” or not enforced equally and fairly.

Alyssa Pavlakis conducted research on the matter of dress codes. In her research, she found that 90 percent of the rules apply to the girls in the school while only 69 percent targeted items that are typically used by boys. Pavlakis has also added that teaching time should never be taken away because a child might be wearing leggings.

In Harlie’s case, the reason that her daughter was pulled out of class is that reportedly her spaghetti straps were inappropriate. This led to her daughter being sent to the nurse so that she could find a different shirt to wear. As time passed on, she missed lunch before she was ever able to find a shirt.



Today, my first grader’s school prioritized dress coding her over feeding her. Literally WHY. #dresscoded #dresscodesucks #dresscodesaresexist #dresscodeprotest #bodypositivity

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