VIDEO: Democrat Mayor Sings as Tragedy Runs Rampant

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VIDEO: Democrat Mayor Sings as Tragedy Runs Rampant

On Wednesday Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot posted a TikTok of her singing. In the meantime, the crime rates in the city have increased by 37% when compared to 2021.
The video by Lightfoot was an attempt at promoting Chicago’s karaoke competition which ends on November 6th.

In the video caption Lightfoot wrote, “It’s time to sing your hearts out, Chicago! Our karaoke competition is starting Sunday and will go on until Nov. 6th. Now’s your time to shine.”

The winner of the competition will also get a $5,000 prize.

While Lightfoot posted about the karaoke competition, the rate of violent crimes in the city has increased by 37%. This means that so far in 2022 more violent crimes have been reported in Chicago than in every previous year going back to 2018. These statistics were posted by the Chicago Police Department.

Motor vehicle theft has increased by 74% in the past year, while the number of general thefts has gone up by 61%.

Murder and aggravated battery crimes have been reduced since 2021.

A new proposal by Lightfoot wants to increase the budget for the Chicago Police Department by $64 million. This will allow for another 35 positions to be added. It would also allow them to replace old vehicles and add more technologies for the protection of the city.


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