VIDEO: Vandals Commit Awful Crime

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( – Carly Burd, a British woman living in Harlow, England, posted on TikTok a video about vandals destroying the garden that she had created to provide food for people in need. The woman stated in the video posted on April 12, that she was “absolutely heartbroken” that someone broke into her garden and dumped salt all over her plants, causing them to die.

As she pointed out, this means that all the plants she had already planted will not grow. More importantly, anything else she plants will also not grow. She then proceeded to show all the soil in her garden which was covered in salt. She added that she had spent hours planting and creating the garden and she does not understand how someone could do that to her.

Burd’s garden was part of her charity initiative, A Meal on Me With Love, which according to her GoFundMe page, aimed to provide organic fruits and vegetables to low-income and vulnerable people in her community who were struggling to make ends meet. She would also rescue all the food that would end up in the landfill and donate it to people in need according to Charity’s Facebook page.

From her gardening initiative alone, she had “fed 1613 people.”

Following the posting of the video, Burd has received a lot of donations, in fact surpassing £194,000 (about $243,000) as of Tuesday morning.


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