VIDEO: Doctor Jumps Into Action During Marathon

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Dr. Steven Lome was running a half marathon when his occupation as a doctor became more important than his abilities as a runner. As he crossed the finish line, he saw a fellow runner who had collapsed during the half marathon. The situation was completely unexpected and only came a few seconds after he had thrown his hands up in celebration of completing the race. While celebrating Lome saw in front of him another runner who was in distress in front of him. Lome quickly provided him with CPR before administering a life-saving shock from a defibrillator that a race volunteer had provided him with.

Lome is used to saving lives as a cardiologist in Monterey, California, but the two lives he saved that day were not at a hospital but rather at the Monterey Bay Half Marathon and they happen to be for two people who were running right in front of him.

The three men, Greg Gonzales, 67, and Michael Heilemann, 56, had not seen each other since the fateful day of the race on Nov. 13 and yet on Dec. 28, they shared an emotional reunion. Upon seeing the two men, Lome quickly told them that they both looked great. Heilemann quickly responded by thanking Lome for saving their lives.

As Lome recalled, it all started when Gonzales collapsed around three miles into the race. Lome, who was right behind him, quickly checked on him and noted that he had no pulse and wasn’t breathing properly. From there, he began administering chest compressions until the paramedics were able to take care of him and transport him to a hospital nearby.

The second incident happened as soon as he had finished the race. Someone had been asking for help. Two hours after helping Gonzales, Lome was doing it all again for Heilemann.


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