VIDEO: Dog Recognizes Itself in Mirror

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( – A heartwarming moment between a dog and his reflection in the mirror has captured the hearts of viewers, showcasing the adorable confidence of our furry friends.

Mariah Krause, Bear’s owner, shared on Reddit the charming encounter she had with her dog while at work. Bear, her faithful companion, often accompanies her, making their workdays all the more enjoyable. Like any proud pet parent, Krause loves to snap selfies with Bear, especially when they’re together in front of a mirror. However, this time, the usual routine took an unexpected turn.

“We’ve done this countless times, but this was the first instance where Bear only saw himself,” Krause shared. “It was absolutely precious!”

A video posted by u/mjk25741 on Reddit perfectly captured Bear’s initial reaction upon seeing his own reflection, and it’s nothing short of heart-melting. Nose-to-nose with his “mirror image,” the curious 7-month-old mutt couldn’t resist pawing at the glass, determined to unravel the mystery of the dog staring back at him. Despite the inconclusive sniff tests, Bear remained undeterred, his ears perked up in fascination as he showered affection on his mirrored companion.

The post on the subreddit r/aww, dated February 6, sparked a lively debate among users about Bear’s perception of the reflection. Some speculated that Bear recognized himself, admiring his own handsome features, while others believed he was investigating the unfamiliar dog in the mirror, perhaps sizing up a potential playmate or rival.

While it’s tempting to interpret Bear’s actions as self-recognition, scientific studies, such as the renowned mirror test from the 1970s, suggest otherwise. Dogs, like many other animals, are not thought to possess the self-awareness required to recognize themselves in mirrors, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC). Instead, their exploration of the world is primarily driven by their extraordinary sense of smell, as evidenced by Bear’s persistent sniffs at the mirror in an attempt to decipher its enigma.

He discovered himself in the mirror. Too cute
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