VIDEO: Dog Tries To Make Grand Escape Via Highway

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( – In a series of events reminiscent of a family movie, a spirited canine named Enzo had a whirlwind couple of days after escaping from his home twice, each time ending up perilously close to the bustling lanes of a major roadway in Pennsylvania. Town and Country Pet Center, a reputable pet care facility in Langhorne, relayed this captivating tale to the media, highlighting the bond between pets and their human families.

Sunday’s sunny morning bore witness to a passerby’s discovery of an 11-month-old husky, Enzo, who seemed out of place as he meandered near the busy Interstate 95. Displaying a mixture of concern and responsibility, this Good Samaritan swiftly took action, bringing the wandering pup to Town and Country Pet Center. Interestingly, this wasn’t Enzo’s first time at the center. Just days earlier, he had found himself there after another daring escape.

That previous Friday had been particularly eventful for the residents of Philadelphia. Enzo, driven perhaps by curiosity or the lure of adventure, found himself causing quite a scene on I-95, temporarily halting the usual rush hour traffic. The Pennsylvania State Police intervened, and with their typical efficiency, they managed to ensure Enzo’s safety, as detailed in a report by local news outlet WPVI. As of now, the State Police have kept the details of the capture under wraps.

Leisa Zurbaran, Enzo’s devoted guardian, and recent transplant from Tennessee, shared some insights into the husky’s initial escape. She recounted, “It was a typical morning, and I was getting ready for my day. Then I heard a startling noise. Before I could even react, Enzo was out of sight.” Distraught and anxious, Leisa promptly contacted local animal services, initiating a search for her beloved pet.

Yet, in today’s interconnected world, it was social media that played the pivotal role in this reunion. Leisa remarked, “A kind stranger pointed me to a news link online. The videos were unmistakable. That playful, energetic husky on the screen was definitely my Enzo.” She narrated her emotional reunion with WPVI, underscoring the indescribable relief and happiness she felt when she finally held Enzo again.

Reflecting on the entire escapade and eager to prevent future unscheduled adventures, Zurbaran has decided to take preventive measures. She revealed plans to have Enzo microchipped, which would aid in quicker identification. Additionally, she is considering investing in a GPS tracker, ensuring that Enzo’s wanderlust doesn’t lead him too far from home again.


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