VIDEO: Dog’s Posture Has Internet Cracking Up

Photo by Pauline Loroy on Unsplash

VIDEO: Dog’s Posture Has Internet Cracking Up

A TikTok video by @the.radas posted on October 6 shows a miniature Aussie, who goes by the name of Moose, sitting like a “distinguished gentleman”. In fact, the dog is sitting on his butt with his legs in front of him, and some might even say that he is better behaved than a small child.

The little pup has so far received more than 570,000 likes and over 10,000 shares in just one day.

A dog training specialist at Paw Leaks said that this position is very similar to “straight sit,” where the dogs actually learn to sit upright. The trainer also said that this position can be quite good for dogs as it can help them with their spine and posture.

Oftentimes dogs sitting position can indicate several things from poor health, to spinal problems, arthritis, or hip dysplasia. This is why owners should always try to keep an eye on the way their dog is sitting and should take note of any specific changes their dogs made to the way they sit.

While the clip features Moose, his owner Elisha can be heard laughing in the background over the uncommon position that her dog has selected to sit in.

In the clip, she shared that Elisha wrote as a joke, “My dog is not weird… your dog is weird.”



My dog is not weird… your dog is weird 🙃 #fyp #tiktokpup #miniaussie #viraldogs #miniamericanshepherd #cutepuppycheck #weirddogs

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