VIDEO: Eight-Year-Old Does the Unthinkable for Waffle House Waiter

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( – Breakfast traditions can be really special and for eight-year-old Kayzen Hunter, his tradition was simple. He would have breakfast at his local Waffle House in Little Rock, Arkansas with his family every weekend. Sometimes he would be joined by his grandpa, but usually, he was there with his parents and siblings. With their frequent trips, Hunter quickly met his favorite waiter who helped make his breakfasts so great, Devonte Gardner.

Kayzen’s mom Vittoria Hunter revealed on that her son met Devonte around a year ago when he started going to Waffle House with his grandfather. Over time, Kayzen started talking a lot about his new friend and how much he liked him.

Gardner also had a fondness for the little boy, giving him high fives every time he would come into the Waffle House. He had also memorized the little boy’s usual order, scrambled eggs with cheese, no toast, hash browns covered with cheese, and an Arnold Palmer.

When asked, Gardner said that he is a “wonderful kid” who would often come in and tell the waiter that he had a joke to share. This always left them all laughing. Over time, the family started learning more about Gardner and his family, which includes his wife Aissa, and two daughters, three-year-old Jade and two-year-old Amoura.

The Hunters then started choosing to always sit in Gardner’s section just because of how much they enjoyed his company. However, one day, Kayzen found out that Gardner was in a tough situation, with their apartment having black mold, rats, and roaches. When his daughters started getting sick, the family moved to a motel, where they had been living for eight months.

That was what made Kayzen want to help his friend. He set up a GoFundMe with his parent’s help. Initially, they were hoping to raise enough money to get Gardner a car for his commute as he didn’t have one, but over time they managed to raise not the $500 they had hoped for but over $100,000 to help.


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