VIDEO: Family Shaken to Their Core After Love Letters Get Discovered

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( – Carol Bohlin, 76, is going to be spending Valentine’s day with an unexpected companion, her parents’ long-lost World War II-era love letters.

Chelsey Brown, a New York-based genealogist who is known for being able to retrieve and return family treasures by tracing family histories, was the one to find the letters. Brown, using her knowledge of family history tracing, was able to find a descendant of Claude Marsten Smythe and Marie Borgal Smythe, a couple married in the 1940s, to return the letters that had been written between 1943 and 1944.

Bohlin, who currently resides in Tinmouth, Vermont said that she was able to recognize her father’s handwriting. She added that it had been a long time since she had seen something written by him.

Carol Bohlin, the daughter of Claude Marsten Smythe and Marie Borgal Smythe, received the love letters that her parents had exchanged during World War II because of genealogist and heirloom investigator Chelsey Brown. The letters had been found in Bohlin’s childhood home by Donna Kearney who owns the home now. Bohlin did not know of the existence of the 18 letters that her father had sent to her mother while serving in the way. The letters had been in Bohlin’s attic in her childhood home in Staten Island for 50 years. They were found by the homeowner during renovations in 1995.

Kearney had seen Brown during an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show and contacted him for help with returning the letters. Brown was then able to find Bohlin’s son and return the letters to him.


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