VIDEO: FedEx Worker Falls Victim To Racist Attack

Photo by Bannon Morrissy on Unsplash

( – In Douglasville, Georgia, a FedEx worker has been heavily praised on Twitter for the way he handled a racist encounter with one of the customers.

The video was originally posted on the ATL Uncensored Twitter page and it shows a FedEx driver stopping in front of a home in the Atlanta suburbs. There is a white man on the driveway who is repeatedly threatening and shouting racial slurs at the driver.

The video is around 30 seconds long and it was filmed by the driver. It has so far received over 4.5 million views and people on Twitter have been quick to criticize the customer while praising the driver for the way he handled the situation.

As many have pointed out throughout the entire exchange, the driver managed to retain his composure which is impressive considering the insults that the man was throwing at him. It was not only the verbal insults, but also the threats of physical violence that were particularly gruesome to watch. When the man tells the driver that he would fight him if he runs over his dogs, the driver laughs and says that he would not be running over anything.

Still, as many have pointed out, the driver should not be subjected to such behavior and many users even recommended that FedEx completely ban this customer from using their service.

One person on Twitter pointed out that throughout the entire exchange, it was the driver that was in control of the situation as he was able to show exceptional self-control.
Others were pointing out how they were hoping the driver would not face any repercussions for having filmed the damning video.

FedEx told Newsweek that they were aware of the situation and they were “reviewing the circumstances” that led to the exchange. They added that their company believes everyone should be respected and that the behavior exhibited in the video was the opposite of that. They added that the safety of their team members was the most important thing to them which is why they would be reviewing the entire encounter and situation.


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