VIDEO: Girl Makes Restaurant Erupt With Business

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On Dec. 8, TikTok user @tacoboutjoys shared a video from one of their Taco-Bout-Joy restaurant locations in Glenview, Illinois. The restaurant is owned by sisters Joy Milan and Kack Keomanivong, and the viral video filmed by Joy’s daughter Isabel shows her mother waiting for customers to walk in.

The TikTok video caption noted how Isabel is heartbroken seeing her mother waiting and that if she could give her anything for Christmas, it would be customers. Since its posting, the video received 38.5 million views, 6 million likes, and more than 69,000 comments.

Many people were completely empathetic of the situation and noted that despite how far they were, they would have loved to go to the taco shop and try what it has to offer.

A day later, Isabel posted the first update into her mother’s store. As she noted, initially it had only been her mother and her working, but due to the influx of orders, they ended up having around nine people help them finish up the orders.

As she shared, the restaurant was a family business, so when more people came in, more family members came and helped out. Users then started sharing their experience saying how the hour long drive was worth the Tacos. Another user drove three and a half hours which they said was worth it to support a small business.



I wish I could give her customers for Christmas

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