Video Goes Viral of Carjacker Struggling To Get Away

Photo by Matt Popovich on Unsplash

( – A video of a woman attempting to steal a car in California has gone viral since its posting, amassing more than two million views.

On Friday, at around 12pm, police officers in Los Angeles County responded to reports about an assault with a deadly weapon taking place on Kanan Road. A statement regarding the incident was posted by Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station on Facebook. According to the post, the suspect was a white female in her 20s who had approached a victim that was seated in her car in an attempt to rob her purse.

The victim was “pulled from her vehicle and thrown to the ground” before the suspect got in the car and attempted to use it to leave the scene. However, as she attempted to drive off, she bumped into numerous cars that were parked nearby, as well as a cinder brick wall before crashing into the parking lot’s southern part.

Following the crash, the suspect tried to leave the scene before some citizens there detained her. She has since been taken to be medically cleared following the minor injuries that she sustained as she was trying to flee the scene.

In the video, one can see the suspect in the car reversing and bumping into many of the other vehicles before attempting to drive off. Bystanders can also be seen reaching for the vehicle and trying to open the door. One of the vehicle doors got damaged during the escape and completely fell open during the escape.

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