VIDEO: Grandmother and Granddaughter Go Viral for Their Advice

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( – A family duo has gone viral on TikTok for their dating advice. Grandma Gail, 80, and granddaughter Kim Murstein, 27, are the creators of a famous podcast and social media account called “Excuse My Grandma.” The account has thousands of followers waiting to hear the advice of the two women.

Oftentimes the dating scene can be quite complicated with the social media, apps, and different aspects of dating that people need to direct themselves through. This makes dating today starkly different from dating a few generations ago when people would simply meet, fall in love, and then get married.

These are the exact differences that the duo is discussing.

Kim Murstein, a 27-year-old New York native, went to live with her “Grandma Gail,” Gail Rudnick, 80 — in Palm Beach, Florida, during the pandemic. Rudnick and her husband of 60 years had previously lived in New York before retiring and moving to Florida. While in Florida, Murstein dated in the same way she had when she was in New York.

When Murstein realized how different her dating experience was from that of her grandmother, she started the podcast “Excuse My Grandma,” in which they two share their ideas and values about dating. The two have gained more than 400,000 TikTok followers and over 170,000 Instagram followers.

One of the main things that the two don’t agree on for example is the number of dates that one should go on with someone before deciding whether to continue dating. Murstein claims there are two-to-three dates, while her grandmother believes that at least 10 are necessary.



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