VIDEO: High School Athlete Commits Terrible Act

Photo by Brandon Mowinkel on Unsplash

( – The Texas University Interscholastic League (UIL) has launched an investigation into an incident that occurred between three players during a softball playoff game.

During the Area Championship series at Cisco High School in McCamey, Texas, a catcher’s throws seem to have hit the heads of two members of the opposing team. It is currently unclear whether this was intentional or not.

A man, who identified himself as the father of one of the struck batters, is currently considered the first person to have shared the video online. Since its sharing, the video went viral and was even shared by a reporter for KMID-TV in Odessa, Texas.

There are two separate incidents that occurred during the game. The first one occurred when the catcher threw the ball down the third baseline. The ball appeared to hit the Cisco batter’s head while it was traveling.

In the second incident, the batter was struck by the ball and subsequently fell to the ground asking “What was that?” In the second throw, there were no visible runners on first or third base.

In a statement, UIL noted that the organization was informed about the incident and that they were investigating it further. According to a report from KAMR4, it is likely that two other schools may have faced similar experiences in games against McCamey.

Officials will need to determine the catcher’s intention during the throw, as well as the extent to which the batter might have tried to interfere with the throw. Batter interference can be called whenever a hitter fails to step outside the batter’s box or moves in a way that might directly affect the catcher’s ability. In these cases, the team is penalized with an out.


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