VIDEO: Hurricane Victims Get Incredible Gift

Photo by Wade Austin Ellis on Unsplash

VIDEO: Hurricane Victims Get Incredible Gift

Hurricane Ian hit Florida hard and for many food is now a hard-to-find luxury rather than a basic commodity. A local man has now taken the chance to feed many of his neighbors following the storm.

Chef and musician Fritz Caraher, 44, is not just providing the basics but also cooking pork chops, chicken, vegetables, and rice for all those who are going hungry. According to the reports he is feeding hundreds of residents from a distribution center and the numbers are expected to go up to 1,000.

When asked about it he said that he had been doing charity events for 20 years in the town and that he wants to be able to care for his community, as the community has cared for him.

In his city, many are still without power and electricity as the Hurricane caused damage to infrastructures. This makes it harder for them to cook and prepare hot meals.

Restaurants are also close, with some diners and food trucks being the only available options for dining out.

Tony Tobler, who did not stock up before the storm because he was scared that without power and electricity the food would rot, said that “Food is scarce.”

Caraher also asked some friends to volunteer and even has an out-of-town cook helping with the food.

Donations have also been reaching him in many different ways, with restaurants giving their refrigerated food which was bound to go bad if it remained there without electricity.


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