VIDEO: Influencer Makes Grandmother’s Dream Come True

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( – A 27-year-old TikToker named Julia has won the hearts of her online audience after she started constructing the dresses that her grandmother had designed in the 1940s. As it turns out, her grandmother had dreamed of becoming a designer but had dropped out of school while in her teens. Knowing this, Julia thought that creating the pieces that her grandmother had designed would be the perfect way of not only sharing them with the world but also surprising her own grandmother.

Julia makes a full video for the dresses that she makes, showing the process of creating and of course, the sweet reactions that her grandmother has when seeing her designs come to life.

During an interview with Insider, Julia relayed the story of how it all started. As it turns out, she had been visiting her grandma, Georgie, in January 2021, and during her visit, they started looking through the old design sketches that her grandmother had made in her youth.

Julia recognized the beauty in the designs that her grandmother had made, and she started envisioning the designs coming to light. While talking with her grandmother, her grandmother said that she would like after her death for the designs to either be sent out to magazines or be displayed at her funeral so that others could see them.

However, that was not good enough for Julia who started wondering why to wait until her grandmother was gone for people to see them. In January 2021, she posted the first TikTok video with some of her grandma’s sketches on display. The video went viral with 2.7 million views and it kickstarted the journey of bringing the dresses to life.



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