VIDEO: Innocent MLB Fan Gets Robbed On Camera

Photo by Jose Francisco Morales on Unsplash

Young Boy ROBBED – Video Catches It All!

On Friday during a baseball game, a fan was in the right location to catch a home run ball. The ball was hit by Royal’s first Nick Pratto. However, the man failed to catch the ball which instead of landing in his glove, rolled off.

If that wasn’t enough, there was a second Home run hit on Sunday by Padres outfielder Juan Soto. However, he seemed to fail to catch that one too. That ball was then caught by a Young Royals fan, who had it snatched from him by the man who had dropped the ball twice.

Understandably, this led to the kid being upset and other fans calling out the man who took the ball from him. Naturally, the behaviour of the man was heavily criticized not only by fans, but also by players.

Comment from former Royals minor-league pitcher Daniel Tillo has also been making the rounds as it is claimed that this fan did the same thing in Oregon last week. Whether it was indeed the same man still remains unverified.

Some are also saying that the guy might have attempted to give the kid a Royals Jersey to make up for it, however, this is unclear in the captured video.


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