VIDEO: Insane Criminal’s Robbery Fails in Hilarious Way

Photo by Maxim Hopman on Unsplash

( – In Georgia, a would-be robber was forced to quit the scene after the customers at the Nail First salon in Atlanta did not appear to care about his sudden appearance. The suspect appeared to have a firearm on him while he was shouting demands at the customers.

In the surveillance video from the business’ property, the suspect can be seen entering the store and shouting that everyone should get down and hand over all the money they had. The man appeared to be holding a gun inside a bag that he was pointing around the room threateningly. However, this display did not cause any reactions from those in the store.

The customers at the store completely ignored him and continued to be seated. There was one woman who did get up and whose phone was taken by the suspect as she left the salon.

After no one else reacted, the robber was forced to give up and exited the building. Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta reported that the Atlanta Police Department’s Robbery Unit was requesting people’s assistance so as to find the would-be robber involved in this case. It was further noted that the witnesses had stated that the suspect had entered the salon with a blue hat, jeans, and sunglasses.

Authorities have claimed that after the man did not get any response from those in the store, he reportedly exited the building and left the scene, driving off in a silver-colored sedan.


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