VIDEO: Jeopardy! Contestant’s Answer Sparks Controversy

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( – The game “Jeopardy!” has given us a lot of great moments, but recently, a contestant’s reaction to an incorrect answer has taken the online world by storm.

On Monday, college students Justin Bolsen and Stephanie Pierson were competing in the High School Reunion Tournament, where Bolsen was asked about Black history.

As a hint, host Mayim Bialik told him “From 1936 to 1967 this ‘colorful’ guide aided African Americans in traveling safely during segregation.”

Bolsen answered incorrectly “What is the Black Book?”

The correct answer to the question was instead, “What is the Green Book?”

However, it was not Bolsen’s question that caught everyone’s attention. It was instead the clip of Pierson’s unimpressed face that really made the clip go viral.

One TikTok user posted the video of the close-up of Pierson’s face and wrote “Girl, same.”

The comments also pointed out how as one user put it “It is better to be silent and be thought the fool than speak and confirm it.”

However, many pointed out that they also would not have known the answer to that question and that the answer Bolsen had given was not in fact a bad guess. Another user even said that they were expecting him to “say ‘Harriet Tubman.”

Another user joked that the incident had the “same energy as the ‘South Park’ wheel of fortune episode.”



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