VIDEO: Little Brother Leaves Wedding Guests in Tears

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VIDEO: Little Brother Leaves Wedding Guests in Tears

The newest video going viral shows a bride being walked down the aisle by her baby brother with their father at the altar watching them. The video was posted by Newlywed Nicole Lumsden (@nicolekopsidas) and quickly gained more than 10 million views and close to 3,000 comments on TikTok.

The video was captioned “A moment I will never, never forget.” As Nicole has explained, the reason that her little brother walked her down the aisle instead of her father is that her father has quadriplegia.

As Nicole explained in the comments, it was her father’s choice to not be the one to escort her down the aisle and it was a choice that Nicole respected. The video also shows Nicole’s brother who got emotional as he gave his sister away in place of her father.

As the bride has noted, this was an incredibly special moment. People online couldn’t agree more as they pointed out how evident the love that the family has for each other is in the video. One user in reference to her brother holding back tears, wrote that “Man, I felt that.” Another pointed out how the incident made them tear up as it was such a beautiful thing to see.



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