VIDEO: Makeup Company Maybelline May Face Boycotts

( – Maybelline is the latest brand to be facing a potential boycott after it used a biological male for one of its social media partnerships.

The advertisement was first posted on Maybelline’s Instagram on July 12 and it included influencer Ryan Vita with a full face of makeup. Vita’s Instagram account specifically shows that he uses the pronouns “she/he/they.”

The ad posted on Maybelline’s account was in connection to Prime Day on Amazon and users were encouraged to see if they could find any deals from the brand during the sale. In the post, the influencer can be seen using one of Maybelline’s pink shades, which he praised for not only its color and shine, but also the fact that it does not smudge even after more than half a day.

At the end of the video, Vita is seen applying the product before he blows the camera a kiss. Following its posting, many started sharing the clip on Twitter where it generated a lot of outrage from several detractors who called for Maybelline to be boycotted.

One particular user asked for everyone to boycott the L’Oréal subsidiary, while others noted that Maybelline had turned woke and they were now promoting their women’s products by having men in their ads.

A different user claimed that after showing the video to his wife and mother, they both proceeded to throw away all of their Maybelline products. However, there were also those users who supported the brand pointing out that the outrage was coming from conservative men, who were not the target audience.


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