VIDEO: Mom Erupts on School Over Child’s Simple Drawing

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( – On Jan. 13, Sierra Carter, who is the mother of a fifth grader, received a phone call from her daughter’s elementary school teacher who informed her that her daughter had drawn an “inappropriate” drawing in class.

The drawing in question is a pig with a neck bow tie in a shape that could very easily be mistaken for male genitalia. The drawing was first brought to the teacher’s attention after one of the other children in the class claimed that Carter had drawn “boy parts on a pig.”

According to Carter, her daughter had been quick to tell the teacher that these were not “boy parts” but rather it was a “bow tie.” Still, the teacher referred the case to the principal who would be tasked with handling this entire case. As Carter told Yahoo Life, the school did not actually talk to her daughter or investigate the case, instead the “principal just said to write her up.”

The incident took place on a Friday and the following Tuesday, Carter met with the school’s vice principal, a social worker, and her daughter where they all discussed the drawing. This was also the first time that Carter had seen the drawing and as soon as she saw it, she exclaimed that this was clearly a bow tie.

Along with her daughter’s drawing, there was also a piece of paper describing how her daughter had reacted to her teacher’s questions about the drawing. This was when Carter asked for the principal to also be called in, which is where Carter defended her child arguing that this was a bow tie and not a reason to “ostracize a child” because one boy in her class considered her drawing to be something else. Following the school’s response to the drawing, Carter has chosen to transfer her children to a different school.



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