VIDEO: Mom Finds What in Kids Lunchbox?

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On Dec. 2, a new TikTok video went viral as Sabrina Clendenin revealed a sticky note that the husband had written for their daughter in their lunches. The video was captioned “Why am I crying 😭 he was meant to be a girl dad #lucky #bestdad #girldad #lovehim #luckywife #dadlife #pickedawinner #lunchnotes.”

Sabrina Clendenin, 33, told “Good Morning America” that she always knew her husband Jordan Clendenin and their three girls had shared a very deep bond, but she had been overwhelmed to see that her daughters had held on to the notes that their father had written and added to their lunches.

Clendenin disclosed that all the notes she had laid down on the table had not been all of the notes that her husband had written and that she had been finding notes stuffed in different drawers and places. She added that she had no knowledge of certain dates having themes like ‘What am I Wednesday,’ ‘Fun Fact Friday,’ ‘Motivational Monday’ but she teared up when she saw all of the different messages and the fact that her daughters had kept them.

Clendenin added that this was not a new tradition for them, but she had noticed a change in the lunch messages as her husband had tried to make them more motivating and to place focus on how much he cared for them.



Why am I crying 😭 he was meant to be a girl dad #lucky #bestdad #girldad #lovehim #luckywife #dadlife #pickedawinner #lunchnotes

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