VIDEO: Mom vs Mountain Lion, See Who Wins

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

( – On Jan. 31, while Suzie Trexler, a mom from California, her five-year-old son Jack and his grandparents were out on their regular hike near their family farm close to Half Moon Bay, the family was attacked by a mountain lion cub.

As Jax’s dad relayed, Jay had relayed that his son had been a bit excited and he had started moving faster than his mother and grandparents. This is how he unintentionally ended up bothering a nearby mountain lion cub which in response reached out and went to attack Jack’s head with his claws.

As Trexler said everything happened extremely fast, but his wife was really fast in her reaction charging towards the lion which in response started running off. After that Suzie carried her son down from the hill and took him to a hospital nearby where he had to be treated for the wounds on his face and the “fracture near his eye.” He also had multiple cuts and scratches across his body.

No one but Jack had been harmed during the attack. His aunt, Amie Wagner, said that Jack was a very brave little boy and that he is trying to remain confident and face everything with “great courage.” Wagner has also been acting as the spokesperson for the family during this time as the family is dealing with the incident.

A local report by California Fish and Wildlife Capt. Patrick Foy noted that the mountain cub had managed to bring Jack to the ground and that it only ran away when it saw Jack’s mother running towards it.


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